An Invitation to Dialogue, Learning and Understanding

28Cristina Cheveresan, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Letters, History and Philology, University of the West Timisoara, and Fulbright Senior Alumna, has informed us on the publication of her latest book entitled Dialogues in E-Reader Era. The volume published by The European Institute in Iasi is a bi-lingual edition which offers the readers the opportunity to meet with remarkable authors in literary and academic circles worldwide - most of them from the U.S. The series of interviews included here give the readers a well defined perspective over the competitive environment of the most important English speaking universities and publishing houses. The author intends to provide the public with a particular source of information and addresses specifically to all those readers interested in the mechanism, dynamics and the protagonists of the existing cultural phenomenon. The volume is also a helpful instrument for the students and professors of the departments of British and American English, cultural studies, journalism, communication sciences and philosophy.
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