Long-term Student-Professor Collaboration

Current Fulbright scholar Dr. Michael S. Jones (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology, Liberty University; Visiting Professor of Philosophy, University of Bucharest) first met Iulian Stoian in 1998, when young Mr. Stoian was a freshman theology student in Bucharest. When Jones returned to Romania in 1999 to conduct preliminary research on the Romanian philosopher Lucian Blaga, Stoian volunteered to accompany him to libraries and universities and serve as his translator. He again aided Jones when the latter moved to Cluj in 2002 to research and write a PhD dissertation on Blaga. Now Stoian is the pastor of a church in Tandarei, Romania. Thanks to his second Fulbright, which has Jones living and teaching in Bucharest, Jones is returning those favors, travelling to Tandarei every other month to speak in Pastor Stoian’s church on the philosophical foundations of Christian Theology. Laura Jones, Professor Jones’ wife, who is an EdD student at Liberty University and is spending the year with her husband in Bucharest, is also traveling to Tandarei, where she has been teaching classes on effective education of children in the church.

Sunday in the Champlain Valley, Vermont

Article by Prof.dr. Daniela Ionescu, Romanian Fulbright Senior grantee University of Vermont, Burlington / Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, English Department & Lect.dr. Anamaria Szabo Romanian Fulbright Senior grantee University of Vermont, Burlington / Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, Department of Social Work

I never thought I might write a diary, one that could even be made public, in the sense that its content is something that I would like to share with other people.

But yesterday, a beautiful sunny winter Sunday, I decided I could do this…

We spent a wonderful time, Anamaria Szabo and myself, two Fulbright scholars coming from the same place, Bucharest, to the same location, University of Vermont, Burlington, in the kind and friendly company of professor Steve Cutler (former Fulbright scholar in Bucharest and reputed professor of Gerontology at the University of Vermont, Burlington), living in Bridport, not far from Burlington, and Karan, his hospitable and most generous wife.

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Romanian Fulbright Visiting Scholar Iuliana Caraman: News from Florida, Tampa

"On January 23rd the Mid Florida Chapter of the Fulbright Association organized its 4th entertaining event this year at the Dali Museum in St Petersburg. It was an excellent occasion for me to meet alumni, supporters and friends of the Fulbright program, to exchange experiences and initiate friendships, as well as take my first steps in the area of collaborative networking.
Last but not least, it afforded me a unique opportunity to interact with the works of world-renowned artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. The landmark exhibition at the Dali Museum – which has been three years in the making – is the first to display jointly here the works of these two most influential 20th century Spanish artists. The museum itself is a captivating, architectural delight, which incorporates a helical staircase and a free-form geodesic glass bubble known as the “enigma”, towering 75 feet above the atrium."
Article by Iuliana Caraman, Visiting Scholar at University of South Florida

Presentation in the Field of Regional and Urban Planning by Fulbright Scholar Daniela Constantin

On January 26, Daniela L. Constantin, PhD, Fulbright Scholar at George Mason University (GMU) and Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, delivered a presentation titled “Bucharest City and Its Metropolitan Area in the Context of Global Competition: Lessons from the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area”. The event - part of the “Intergenerational Conversations: OLLI Members & Fulbright scholars” series – was hosted by The Reston Community Center at the Rose Gallery, Lake Anne, Reston and focused on responses to global trends which have affected Eastern European regions.

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FEAC-EducationUSA Outreach at Lauder-Reut Educational Complex in Bucharest

On Friday, January 23, the Fulbright Educational Advising Center (FEAC)-EducationUSA team headed by dr. Rodica Mihăilă paid a special visit to the Lauder-Reut Educational Complex in Bucharest. A prestigious private institution for K-12 education, the Lauder-Reut Complex hosted a general information session delivered by the resident Fulbright-EducationUSA adviser to an audience of around 50 students. High schoolers enrolled in the 9th, 10th and 11th grade were provided with information on U.S. undergraduate admissions and funding opportunities as well as with details regarding upcoming events and workshops scheduled to take place at the FEAC-EducationUSA center in Bucharest.

The Fulbright-EducationUSA representatives were delighted to reconnect with Lauder-Reut students who had previously participated in the U.S. Alumni Fair organized in the fall of 2015 and who were eager to learn about new study opportunities, including the key question of financial aid and student employment options. This presentation was the first in a series of events under the aegies of the new partnership between the Romanian-U.S. Fulbright Commission and the Lauder Reut Educational Complex.

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