Fulbright Ambassador at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies

aseThe mission and values of the Fulbright Program were presented to students, teaching staff and guests during the ceremony of the beginning of the academic year at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies on October 1. Fulbright ambassador Professor Mariana Nicolae presented an overview of the Program and the opportunities it offers to the students of the Faculty of International Business and Economics as well as to its professors, researchers and professionals present at the event.

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Fulbright Ambassador at the University of Bucharest

roxana olteanOn the 1st of October, the Fulbright Commission, with its mission and values, was present at the Opening Ceremony of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures through the message delivered by Dr. Roxana Oltean, Fulbright Ambassador at the University of Bucharest. During the ceremony, moderated by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor dr. Liviu Franga, and held in the presence of the Rector of the University of Bucharest, Professor dr. Mircea Dumitru, of Vice-Rectors and of the Vice-Deans of the Faculty, dr. Oltean addressed faculty and students, dwelling on the history, projects and achievements of the Fulbright Commission on the world stage in general and in Romania in particular, and especially invoking the Commission’s role in advancing the cause of mutual international understanding, tolerance and support between the US and the partner countries. In this sense, a key aspect of the intervention was the manner in which the Fulbright Commission is committed to building bridges between academic and general communities, thus also contributing to the development of the host countries. Showing that the Commission’s influence extends far beyond the academic programs and exchanges, dr. Oltean emphasized, in essence, the wider significance of the spirit of what Senator Fulbright called “international goodwill” at the heart of the Commission’s projects and activities.

News from U.S. Fulbright Scholar Stephen J. Cutler

Steve CutlerStephen J. Cutler, a Fulbright Scholar to Romania in 2004 and 2011-2012, has returned to Bucharest for three months. He taught an undergraduate, summer school course on "Aging: Interdisciplinary Approaches for an Active and Healthy Old Age" for the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work at the University of Bucharest. He will also be teaching a graduate level course on "Aging and Social Change" and consulting with the faculty on developing curricular programs on aging. He and a colleague from the University of Oradea -- Dr. Simona Bodogai -- have recently published an article on "Aging in Romania: Research and Public Policy" for the American journal, The Gerontologist (click here to read the entire article). And along with a colleague from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, in the current issue of Revista de Asistenţă Socială he has published an article on concerns about developing Alzheimer's disease (article available here).

News from Sinziana Popescu, Summer Institute Fellow

Summer institutes“As part of the Summer Institute on Environmental Stewardship, twenty European students from 13 different countries were hosted at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, to learn about matters concerning the environment, such as sustainability, resources management, energy production, soil and water quality among many other things.

The program consisted of lectures and presentations on a variety of topics that have a significant environmental impact and of field trips, such as tours of the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant, the Philips Company producing LED and fluorescent lights and the Johnson County Wastewater Treatment Plant.

In all our visits we received first-hand knowledge and understanding of the place and the mechanisms that drive the energy production, as well as the challenges to become more environmentally friendly.

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Gellu Naum’s Poetry Abroad

Gellu NaumMartin Woodside’s review of Nomadosofia by Chris Tanasescu has recently appeared in the prestigious literary magazine Asymptote.
Both Chris and Martin are Fulbright Alumni and are cooperating on several literary projects. One example is their volume of translations from Gellu Naum’s poetry – to be published soon at Calypso Editions. The book will have its launch in New York.
Chris and MARGENTO or, as Martin has it, ”in simplest terms, MARGENTO is the Romanian poet and translator Chris Tanasescu”, tells us that a fragment of "The Animal-Tree" by Gellu Naum is available online on the legendary “The Kenyon Review”:

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